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Fortes Education is spearheaded by an inspired Board of Directors committed to bringing the best global practices in education to the Fortes schools.

Sanjay Mankani - Managing Director

Sanjay Mankani is the driving force behind Fortes Education. Before starting Fortes Education, Sanjay worked for 10 years in investment banking at Lazard Freres & Co., New York, in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Corporate Finance and Institutional Leasing. Passionate about education and eager to make a real difference in the world and society, and especially to the lives of young children, Sanjay gave up the life of high finance to pursue a career as an educationist where he saw he could make maximum impact. Keenly abreast of the latest in pedagogical practices, school administration, and curriculum development and delivery, Sanjay works alongside Fortes Education’s educators and leaders inspiring change, and pushing innovation and quality in the Fortes schools. Sanjay graduated with a double degree in Finance from the Wharton School of Business and Electrical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ajay Mankani - Director of Strategy & Business Development, Fortes Education

Ajay is responsible for the new build programs at Fortes Education’s schools as well as strategy, engineering and development, facilities management, finance, marketing and human resources. Ajay has over 10 years of experience in building teams, developing talent, and growing and managing educational institutes into sustainable and community conscious enterprises. He has also worked in different industries in various parts of the world. Ajay graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering Systems from the University of Pennsylvania.

Values for Life

Strength of character and inner confidence come from strong values that allow us to meet the challenges of an ever demanding world. Over time, happiness and fulfilment come from our social interactions, contribution to friends and society, and service to community. We come to learn that relationships within our community are founded on respect, friendship, trust, and acceptance of and service to others.

Virtues such as courage, honesty, compassion and humility are encouraged. Students get involved in community activities, volunteering, and charitable initiatives. Students develop their values through various value-based school activities and a curriculum that focusses on building the foundations of character and integrity.

Executive Management Team

The Board of Directors is further supported by an experienced and inspired management team comprising professionals who have deep experience in a variety of functional areas:

  • Education Management: School leadership and administration; teaching and learning; curriculum development and delivery; inspection and performance review; and continuous professional development of staff.Strategic management: Development of strategies; managerial oversight; and development of medium and long term plans for the Fortes Education & schools.
  • Business development: Market analysis; tracking of trends; financial modelling; capture of market opportunities; and development of sustainable school models.
  • School development: Land acquisition; design and development of school sites; construction, project management and facilities management.
  • Marketing: Track of market data; trend analysis; brand development; above the line and below the line marketing; outreach programmes; public relations; and social media marketing.
  • Financial Management: School budgeting; financial management and oversight; and systems of financial control.
  • Technology: Developmental, deployment and implementation of the mobile enabled Virtual Learning Environment, the Fortes IT systems for curriculum development and delivery; deployment of technology to enable sharing of best practices amongst faculty, enhancing of productivity and collaboration amongst stakeholders (faculty, students and parents), and enabling of social engagement amongst stakeholders; and deployment and implementation the Fortes ERP systems.
  • Legal: Legal due diligence and compliance.
  • Human Resources: Training and development of staff; compensation and benefits; contracts; on-boarding and induction of staff; needs analysis; and strategic HR management.
  • Logistics: Transport requirements; and vehicle and fleet management.
  • Administration: Clerical and secretarial support for all functional teams