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Fortes Education owns, builds, and operates schools and early education centres since 1981, and has delivered a world-class education to thousands of students.

Fortes Education is a diverse organisation made up of committed educators and innovators, and caring individuals who seek to improve education through innovative schools that help children realise their potential.

Fortes is a global leader in ‘Positive Education’ – a paradigm shift in education – where outstanding teaching and learning is achieved by developing skills for not only academics and achievement but also wellbeing and character development.

We deliver and accomplish our goals through our research-based school design and curriculum, educational systems, intensive professional development, and extended learning programmes.

  • Our Schools nurture young people to be life-long learners and global changemakers through an innovative, character-building education that inspires them to achieve and thrive with purpose.
  • We aim to provide an outstanding education by enabling academic and personal achievement with wellbeing, values and character development, through a globally renowned Positive Education Programme, PERMAH Theory of Wellbeing and our disruptively innovative Signature Programmes.
  • Sunmarke & Regent Schools are rated ‘Outstanding’ by the British Schools Overseas Inspection Authority and ‘Very Good’ by DSIB. They are considered to be in the group of leading schools in Dubai.  Sunmarke is one of the top 10 schools in the academic league tables for results at GCSE, A Level and IB in the UAE.

Average Tuition Fees & Market Positioning

  • Sunmarke School,, is a leading K-13 IB, A Levels and British National curriculum school in Dubai, rated ‘Outstanding’ by BSO and ‘Very Good’ KHDA. Positioned in the Value Premium bracket at an average fee of USD 17,700 p.a.
  • Regent International School,, is a leading K-13 British National curriculum school rated ‘Outstanding’ by BSO and ‘Very Good’ by KHDA. Positioned in the Mid-Market Plus bracket, at an average fee of USD 14,150 p.a.
  • Under design & development – a new Fortes brand. Positioned in the Mid-Market Minus bracket at an average fee of USD 11,000 p.a.
  • Jumeirah International Nurseries,, is one of Dubai’s leading nursery chains with 9 locations around Dubai. Positioned in the Premium bracket at an average fee of USD 12,000 p.a.