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Our Curricula

Fortes Education is in the process of expanding our portfolio of schools wherein the following additional curricula will be offered: International Baccalaureate (IB), American Placement (AP, American curriculum), and CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, Indian curriculum). At present, we own and operate Regent International School, one of the leading K-12 British curriculum international schools in Dubai. Our nursery brand, the Jumeirah International Nurseries, follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework of the British National Curriculum.

A typical Fortes School is divided into three sections:

Foundation Stage

Our Foundation Stage is a progressive and dynamic place of learning offering the youngest students stimulating activities where learning is always fun. Students are encouraged to experiment with a wide variety of educational and creative equipment for both indoor and outdoor experiences, as well as with computers, books and role-play. Teachers guide the students through a carefully planned programme which provides experiences that enrich and enhance each child’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and creative development, thereby providing a sound foundation.

We have a child-centred approach to education working from our students’ perception of the world to inspire their curiosity, imagination and the beginnings of independent thinking. Our students have time to make friends, time to learn and time to grow.

Should a learning challenge be identified, the teachers or Senior Management Team will inform and work with the parents so strategies for early educational intervention and therapy are then devised and implemented.

Primary School

Primary School focuses on the needs of each student within classes that are safe, warm, and nurturing and where teaching is innovative and enlightening. We nurture confidence and reward achievement enabling students to become well-rounded students. During the early phase of Primary School across all curricula, subjects are integrated and emphasis is placed on Mathematics and English. As a student moves to higher grades, the approach becomes more subject specific and learning more defined (with the focus still being on Mathematics and English). Subjects and technology become more integrated and students are encouraged to explore and discover with a wider vision.

Students work at their individual pace while being continuously encouraged and challenged to set higher standards for themselves. Student progress is continuously assessed and appropriate support offered as required.

Using technology and our constantly evolving Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), students have access to learning even from their home. Events, field trips, excursions and camps are used to extend student learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom.

Our management teams conduct regular self-evaluation inspections to ensure we are meeting our metrics of education.

Secondary School

The Secondary department of a Fortes school encourages students to realise high standards of academic achievement as well as their own personal goals. We aim for clarity of thought and expression that come from a mind that is inspired and engaged. Each of our academic programmes is designed with that focus.

Our faculty is committed to providing students the tools they need to think critically and independently, to approach complex issues and problems with a clear perspective, and to become passionate learners.

The Secondary School offers typically 6 academic departments comprising traditional core courses as well as a variety of electives — a balance we’ve created because we believe the best academic model for learning is both wide and deep:

  • Wide: We encourage cross-disciplinary study and a broad understanding of the fundamentals in each of our core subjects.
  • Deep: We want our students to delve deeply into what interests them most, and the areas where their talents and abilities can develop.

Discovering the right balance of wide and deep is where our department heads come in. They collaborate with students to create the most effective and engaging academic plan, according to a student’s goals for the future — including his ideal choice of university and target career pursuits. Our faculty prides itself on its scholastic depth, creativity, warmth, and care personal attention they show students in our Secondary School.