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Education Philosophy

Fortes’ education philosophy is designed to provide students an education that is not only enriching in academics, but also fulfilling and rewarding in their lives. Our philosophy is based on realising the following six objectives:

Education for Life

We at Fortes Education believe in offering an Education for Life, imparting knowledge and skills to our students and developing their character, personal leadership, work ethic, compassion and values so they can create their own success as thoughtful, confident, principled and dynamic individuals in the world.

Our schools are full of opportunities for personal development, achievement and enjoyment. We pride ourselves on our holistic approach to education based on academic excellence, excellent extracurricular activities and personalised care to each student’s development. We are committed to enabling our students to develop their strengths and realise their ambitions.

Learning for Life

Empowered, independent learning is a hallmark of Fortes’ educational programmes. Our students think for themselves, ask questions and solve problems with a keenness to learn. They develop into bright, free-thinking individuals who apply their knowledge and skills to the real world through inquiry, interaction and practical activity.

Results for Life

We impart an all-round quality education through an inspired delivery of the school’s curriculum. Our education emphasises internationalism and creativity, fosters positive self-esteem, and encourages the pursuit of excellence all within an enlightened environment.

Our approach to learning is innovative, enriched, flexible and inquiry-based. Our curriculum model teaches the subject areas of Mathematics, Languages, Science, and the Humanities providing for differentiated learning to suit a student’s individual needs. Our curriculum incorporates innovative teaching methodologies, regular assessments and consistent reporting strategies, while constantly recognising and rewarding student achievement.

While students are encouraged to excel academically, this is not the only measure of success. We believe in preparing students for life. We enable students to identify and develop their interests, appreciate cultural diversity, and become life-long learners and global citizens.

Values for Life

Strength of character and inner confidence come from strong values that allow us to meet the challenges of an ever demanding world. Over time, happiness and fulfilment come from our social interactions, contribution to friends and society, and service to community. We come to learn that relationships within our community are founded on respect, friendship, trust, and acceptance of and service to others.

Virtues such as courage, honesty, compassion and humility are encouraged. Students get involved in community activities, volunteering, and charitable initiatives. Students develop their values through various value-based school activities and a curriculum that focusses on building the foundations of character and integrity.

Health & Happiness for Life

We believe one of the fundamental objectives of education should be to impart an attitude and knowledge and skills so students learn how to achieve health and happiness in their journey through life because that is what will come to define their true success.

Partners for Life

We believe in maintaining links with our students and graduates, encouraging them to come back and share their successes and stories with our students, and fostering links amongst graduates. Furthermore, we encourage active and strong parent engagement in their children’s education as studies have shown that positive and productive links between home and school are vital to a student’s development. A Fortes school has an active parent organisation providing parents a platform that enables them to participate in their child’s education as well as campus life. Parents volunteer and participate as Campus Volunteers; Sports, Field Trips & Recreation Volunteers; School Events (Festivals, Fairs and Cultural Activities) Volunteers; and Professional Consulting Volunteers.