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Why a Fortes Education

We at Fortes Education believe in imparting knowledge and skills to students as well as developing their character, personal leadership, enterprise and work ethic, and values so they can create their own success as thoughtful, confident, principled and dynamic individuals in the world. Fifteen reasons differentiate a Fortes Education and school:

Why Us?

Our Teachers

We don’t just Teach, We Inspire!
It is said that education is what you remember when you leave school. Inspirational teaching creates learning experiences that last a lifetime. It is having a great class teacher who sparks your love for problem-solving perhaps using mathematics or computational algorithms, or who ignites your passion for scientific inquiry through memorable lessons spent in a science laboratory, or who develops your can-do spirit in challenges while on the football team. It is this passion that allows students to define themselves, find their calling in life, and achieve fulfilment, success and happiness as adults.

Simply put, our teachers inspire and that’s what separates them from the rest.

Our Heritage – Over 4 Decades of Educational Expertise

Fortes Education, established for over four decades, brings tried and tested experience in the development and management of schools and preschools, and has been consistently delivering a high-quality education to thousands of students. Sunmarke School, Regent International School, (rated “Outstanding” by BSO and ‘Very Good with Outstanding features’, KHDA), and the Jumeirah International Nurseries, are premium international educational institutes that are rated amongst the leading schools and preschools, respectively, in the UAE.

We employ experienced and dynamic senior leaders and teachers. We have robust systems of school operation that enable our schools to deliver consistently high educational standards. And we know how to create a culture of care where students achieve their potential and enjoy their experiences, parents are positively engaged, and teachers are fulfilled by their work and motivated to deliver their best every day.

MultiSmart Learning

We take great pride in our teaching philosophy of MultiSmart LearningTM, a unique high impact education programme that unlocks multiple pathways to learning and all-round development.

Students are given a myriad of learning opportunities – through academic study and co-curricular activities, and personalised and group learning – to develop their ‘multiple intelligences’ and ‘core skills’ which include the ability to apply knowledge, think creatively and problem-solve; the ability to express oneself articulately; the ability to persevere and develop confidence; the ability to work with others; and the ability to learn.

MultiSmart LearningTM also develops in students the values, character and leadership qualities to influence and change the world. Our students stand out by their pursuit of excellence and will to persevere. And they distinguish themselves as model citizens with high standards of compassion and tolerance.

Academically Rigorous & Enriched Education

We deliver an academically rigorous education enriched with robust co-curricular, sport and enrichment activities that stretch the boundaries of student ability.

Inspection indicators show that the quality of education delivered in a typical Fortes school is ‘Good with Outstanding features” as rated by KHDA’s inspection bureau, DSIB.

With exceptional school infrastructure, underpinned by a strong curriculum covering – Mathematics, English, the Sciences, Computing (ICT), Design & Technology, the Humanities, Education in Human Values, the Creative and Performing Arts, Modern Foreign Languages, Physical Education, Sports, and a host of Enrichment activities – we deliver a world-class education.

We encourage students to be active learners and to openly challenge, debate and discuss ideas with their teachers and peers. The curricula delivered by our schools lay a strong emphasis on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, communication ability, personal effectiveness and perseverance, and ‘learning how to learn’.

Human Values Programme

We have developed and deliver a strong Education in Human Values Programme – a multi-faith self-development programme – designed so our schools have a conscience and designed to build the foundation of character and values in students so they become upstanding and compassionate citizens with an appreciation of different religions and creeds.

Our schools have a heavy focus on philanthropy with all our stakeholders regularly participating in various charity, community and volunteer work, and students taught the meaning of real compassion.

STEAM Learning

Fortes schools offer a focused STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) programme, where science, technology, digital literacy, engineering design and maths converge with the creative programme in arts and humanities to nurture students into tomorrow’s generation of thinkers, innovators and leaders.

Specially trained in online instruction and “blended” learning solutions, our STEAM teachers are subject-matter experts who use rich multi-media curriculum – online courses, lab simulations, games, podcasts, guest speakers in virtual classrooms, and participation in online STEAM clubs and science fairs – to convey complex concepts effectively.

Technology Enabled Learning

All Fortes Education schools are completely technology enabled benefitting from Fortes’ two decades of technology knowhow. Technology, deployed to create high impact learning, is used by students, teachers and parents alike, and is embedded in every aspect of education. It enables planning and delivering of lesson plans; assessment of education standards; collaboration and communication amongst teachers, students and parents; monitoring of student education, progress and behaviour; and access to information, and submission and sharing of works by students.

EHV Programme

Fortes Education has developed a unique secular Education in Human ValuesTM programme that builds the foundation of character and values in students so they become upstanding and compassionate citizens with – a commitment to charity and making a positive contribution to society; an appreciation of different religions; a deep work ethic and self-discipline; and the mindset and skills necessary to achieve happiness – all of which will come to define their true success in life.

Global Outlook

Fortes Education schools, through our curriculum, diversity and partnerships, enables our students to acquire a truly global outlook and an enriched education.


Diversity is one of the biggest assets of a Fortes school. Fortes Education typically has over 80 different nationalities in its schools with students from Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

By learning in diverse cultural environments, our students become true global citizens. World geography and different customs and cultures are all integrated into the curriculum. Students learn about, celebrate and appreciate each other’s culture while developing their own cultural identity and individuality and taking pride in it.


Through an extensive network of partners covering key areas such as business, education, community and culture on a local and international level, students in a Fortes school broaden their horizons and gain an education with a global outlook. Our collaborative partnerships include participation in a variety of educational, cultural and literary festivals, and interactions with students in schools in overseas countries, overseas school trips, motivational speakers, and visits and mentoring from industry professionals.

Parent Partnerships for Student Success

Fortes encourages active and strong parent engagement in their children’s education as studies have shown that positive and productive links between home and school are vital to a student’s development. Fortes schools have active parent organisations providing parents a platform that enables them to participate in their child’s education as well as campus life. Parents volunteer and participate as Campus Volunteers; Sports, Field Trips & Recreation Volunteers; School Events (Festivals, Fairs and Cultural Activities) Volunteers; and Professional Consulting Volunteers.

We are as proud of your culture as you and your child are, and will bring the diversity of your culture into our curriculum and your child’s learning, celebrating it and making your child proud of his identity.