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Fortes Education was founded by Mrs. Shakuntala Mankani over 40 years ago and has grown into an educational enterprise of over 900 people.

Mrs. Mankani firmly believes that education should provide a solid foundation in values, character and wellbeing.  Fortes was thus built on the premise of providing a strong foundation for an ‘Education in Human Values’ (EHV).

The Mankani family founded its first school in 1905 in pre-partition India. It was an all-girls charitable school called ‘’Kanya Paathshaala’’ whose ethos was to develop a strong foundation of EHV.

When the Mankani family moved to the UAE, the family founded Regent International School and Jumeirah International Nursery over 40 years ago.

Today, Fortes Education’s schools are considered global leaders in ‘Positive Education’ that builds on the EHV ethos of its first school started in 1905.

PosEd is based on the field of ‘Positive Psychology’ propounded by Professor Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania, USA.