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Responsibility – Giving Back

Touching Lives of 1000s of Families

Making a positive impact to our community and all our stakeholders is a core belief of Fortes Education and our parent organization, Fortes Investment. It dictates the very businesses we choose to enter into from providing housing to education.

We uphold ourselves to the highest standards. We are committed to shouldering our responsibilities and leading as a good corporate citizenship in whatever and whomever we touch – our customers, our organization’s employees, our environment, and our community.

Social responsibility is a core value that we practice at Fortes Education. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are aimed at making a tangible contribution towards the underprivileged and underserved sections of society.

Our CSR activities include support to those in our immediate community and those overseas.

UAE-based support

  • We support Children of Determination through Fortes Education’s “Sports Heroes Academy” which provides opportunities for these children in the UAE to engage in sports and interact with students and integrate into mainstream education.

Helping Children of Determination in the UAE

Community-based activities to encourage a conservation & sustainability

  • Financial help, education, and meals to workers within the UAE. We serve over 2,000 free meals every week to workers in Al Ghusais.

  • Every week, we provide free usage of our organization’s facilities and personnel across our various companies to various community organizations engaged in culture, sports and drama.

  • We provide substantial support to Dubai’s burgeoning arts and theatre movement with resources, facilities and staff and have a key partnership with Dubai’s preeminent theatre group, MTDXB.
  • Support to Dubai Cares, a UAE based global philanthropic organization.

Overseas Support

  • Support to Akshaypatra, an organization committed to improving children’s access to quality education and nutrition in developing countries.
  • Relief funds to various charity organizations in Africa and the Middle East in countries like Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Sudan.