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Recruitment Process

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Recruitment Process

Step 1: Interviews

  • Shortlisted applicants are interviewed online via Teams or Zoom, or in person at our offices in Dubai or venues typically in the UK, Ireland or Scotland.
  • After a successful interview, an applicant is moved to the ‘Priority Shortlist’ and referees are contacted.
  • All applicants are notified on the status of their application normally within 14 days

Step 2: Offer of Appointment

  • Fortes Education makes ‘Offers of Appointment’ to applicants from the priority shortlisted applicant pool for a position at one of Fortes Education’s schools.
  • Once an applicant has accepted the position and we have received your signed contract along with original and attested educational certificates, Fortes Education shall provide you access through your application log in to view the ‘Orientation Handbook’.
  • Fortes Education will stay in regular contact with the prospective employee before his start date. The prospective employee must email their air-travel information (date of flight, arrival time, flight details, etc.), to: so that arrangements can be made to collect the overseas hired employee from Dubai International Airport upon arrival to Dubai.
  • Staff are expected to report to duty for INSET and Induction before the start of the academic term at the designated date and time which the School will advise.
  • Please ensure you attest your educational and marriage (if applicable) certificates from your home country. (Refer to the Attestation Procedure – Click on Careers – FAQ – Attestation Procedure).
    • 1st Notarized by a Solicitor
    • 2nd Attested by Foreign Commonwealth Dept.
    • 3rd Attested by Embassy of the UAE
    • 4th Attested by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai
  • Fortes Education requires all documents as mentioned in the ‘Offer of Appointment’ at least 4 months before your arrival in Dubai in order to process your visa on time.

Step 3: Securing a UAE Residence Visa

Upon initial employment, as per contract, an employee is on a probation period during which time Fortes Education will secure approvals from the various government departments.

Fortes Education will obtain the UAE Residence Visa, UAE Work Permit, and Ministry of Education or KHDA (Knowledge & Human Development Authority) approval on behalf of each employee, provided that the employee has provided his original and attested educational and marriage, (if applicable) certificates with supporting documents to the School.

Application Process of UAE Residence Visa

Due to the procedures of the UAE government departments, (Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Dubai Dept. of Immigration, Dubai Police, Dept of Health & Medical Services, Knowledge & Human Development Authority, and other departments), the process of obtaining a UAE Residence Visa and/or a Work Permit can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months.

It is imperative that the employee provide the school with all documentation as per the contract before joining the school.

UAE Residence Visa

Upon the school’s receipt of all approvals from the various government departments, each employee must undergo a medical examination.

Upon receipt of medical clearance, the employee’s passport is forwarded to the Dubai Department of Immigration for a residence visa stamp.

The Immigration office will return the employee’s passport via courier to the School with the UAE residence visa stamp after which the passport is handed over back to the employee.