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Fortes Education has been involved in the development and management of schools in Dubai since 1993 delivering proven results in the classroom in K-12 schools and preschools.

Home Team Member Mrs. Devika Mankani

Mrs. Devika Mankani

Divisional Head & Managing Director of Regent International School & Chief Positive Psychologist of Fortes Education

Devika Mankani is the Divisional Head / MD of Mid-market Schools that includes Regent International Schools, and Chief Positive Psychologist at Fortes Education and a licensed Psychologist at The Hundred Wellness Centre. She is also the co-founder of Chearful, an online mental health platform that connects mental health practitioners with patients.

Trained in the Humanistic Model of Psychotherapy with a specialisation in Marriage & Family therapy, Devika adopts a strengths-based approach with the children and adults she works with. With the humanistic model, the focus is on a client’s self-efficacy and self-actualisation which act as central themes in their journey. In her 15 years of practice as a therapist, Devika has stayed abreast with the best research in the field which she translates in her healing sessions with clients.