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Fortes Education - Character building & innovative Schools & Nurseries in UAE

Fortes Education has been involved in the development and management of schools in Dubai since 1993 delivering proven results in the classroom in K-12 schools and preschools.

Home Teams Member Mrs. Katrina Mankani

Mrs. Katrina Mankani

Divisional Head & Managing Director of Sunmarke School; Director of Positive Education at Fortes Education; & Managing Director of Jumeirah International Nurseries

A committed educationist, Katrina Mankani is a firm believer, practitioner, and implementer of Positive Education in the UAE. Her strategic involvement in Fortes Education for the past 14 years has facilitated fellow educators to create an environment where students’ wellbeing and character development are valued as their academic achievements.

Her initiatives at spearheading Positive Education and innovation at Fortes has resulted in the schools being held as an example for others to follow in this sphere.

She firmly believes in the maxim that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.

Led by curiosity and powered by love and gratitude, Katrina continues to make Fortes Education a place where children are prepared to become compassionate, empathetic and ethical global citizens.

Katrina is a seasoned speaker at various international and national summits on matters of education and more. A graduate from Teachers College, Columbia University with an M.Ed. in Private School Leadership, she also holds a PGCE from Sunderland University and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from Moscow State University.